Legal Services

A fully customizable CRM system tailored to fit your legal needs!

Document Management

  • Secure storage and easy retrieval of legal. documents and contracts
  • Collaboration features for document sharing and review among team members.


Contact and Client Management

  • Maintain a complete database of clients, including contract information, case history and communication records.
  • Keep your client data and records organized and up to date.
  • Track client interactions, meetings and communications history.
  • Organize clients with customizable tags tailored to your firm.

Task and Workflow Automation

  • Automation of routine tasks, such as document generation, case updates, and deadline reminders.
  • Workflow management to ensure smooth progression of cases through various stages.
  • Set up effective email workflows


Calendar and Scheduling

  • Integrated calendar system to manage appointments, important dates, and deadlines.
  • Reminders for upcoming events, tasks, and court appearances
  • Synchronization with email platforms to ensure seamless communication

Communication Tracking

  • Capture and log all communications, including emails, phone calls, and meetings
  • Associate communications with specific cases or clients
  • Maintain a comprehensive communication history


Mobile Access

  • Provide mobile access to the CRM for lawyers on the go
  • Enable remote access to case information, contacts, and calendars

Enhanced Communication

  • Capture every interaction – emails, calls, meetings – with a detailed communication history for each case
  • Associate communications with specific cases or clients
  • Enhanced internal communication within the legal team


Reporting and Analytics

  • Gain insights with detailed reports on case statuses, team performance, and financial metrics
  • Leverage data to make informed decisions and strategically plan for the future

Focus on your clients needs and let us do the rest.

At One Touch, we are committed to empowering legal professionals with cutting-edge CRM solutions tailored to the intricacies of the legal industry. Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how our services can transform your legal practice.